Calendar of Events

  • Room 142

    Diversity Committee

    MS 51 – William Alexander Middle School
  • Auditorium/Gym

    Parent Association Metting

    With Tutoring fair

    MS 51 – William Alexander Middle School
  • Parent Association Meeting

    MS 51 – William Alexander Middle School
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream - Grade 8 Drama

    MS 51 – William Alexander Middle School
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream

    MS 51 – William Alexander Middle School
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Welcome to M.S. 51!

MS 51 is a gifted and talented school located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, uniquely committed to a balance of both an intensive accelerated academic program and an in-depth, three-year arts program. At MS 51, our aim is to prepare students for the rigors and challenges of high school, with a challenging academic program aligned to a continuum based on the Common Core Learning Standards. Our students are motivated by highly effective teachers who hold high expectations and know how to engage students in advanced level curriculum. This is supplemented by an intensive focused study of one of six “talent” areas--including vocal music, drama, instrumental music, dance, photography, and fine art--in which students develop a deep connection to their talent as they explore their art and self-expression. Our academic and arts curriculum is rounded out by a strong commitment to community service, sustainability, and philanthropy, with ongoing activities and initiatives that have become infused into the culture of MS 51. 



This is Our School - Orientation from Parent Coordinator on Vimeo.




 Click here for tickets to our Parents Night Out Event


Grade 8 High School Annoucements

  • High School Application Receipts

    High School Application receipts are coming home Friday December 9th! Please check you child's backpack for this important document.
    If there are no changes to be made to your childs' application then keep this receipt for your records.  If you need to make changes to your application you may do so on the receipt.  Make sure you & your child signs the receipt. The DEADLINE is Friday December 16th

  • Millennium Brooklyn ICT Parent Breakfast November 14th 8:00 am

    Please RSVP to

  • What Should 8th Graders be doing now?

    ·       In the next 2 weeks you should be finishing up all tours and open houses

    ·       You should be completing your interviews, auditions, assessments and online applications (NYCiSchool, Manhattan Hunter Science High School etc…)

    ·       It’s time to review your lists of schools and programs and begin to place them in your order of preference - choosing what you love 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.  Discuss this with parents and guidance if you have questions

    ·       Make sure you have chosen at least 10 programs  (remember some high schools have more than 1 program and each one that you are interested in is listed as a separate choice)

    ·       List your final choices on the application and submit to Guidance by Dec 1st

    ·       Make sure both parent and student signed the application

  • SHSAT and LaGuardia tickets will be coming home today! Please Check your child's backpack and make sure that you keep it in a safe place

    Middle School 51 students will be taking the SHSAT exam on Sunday October 23rd at 8:00 am.  

    Students with 504 accommodations, IEP's and religious observance are scheduled according to their needs.  The Time and Date of the SHSAT exam will be on the Tickets

    SHSAT tickets: Students write their school preferences on page 1 and must copy this information onto the test answer sheet on the test date
    School preferences listed on the test answer sheet are final.  A parent or guardian must sign the ticket.

  • The High School Applications forms were distributed Thursday October 6th

    Applications must be returned to the homeroom teacher before Thursday December 1st


Grade 8 Calendar

  • Senior Trip

    Six Flags Great Adventure

  • Senior Prom

    Grand Prospect Hall

  • Graduation

    Brooklyn Academy of Music

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Arts Summer Boot Camp

  Free 2 week summer camp for rising 8th graders interested in applying to Arts High Schools. Application deadline is April 7, 2017. Runs July 31- August 11, 2017. For more information visit and to apply click :BOOTCAMP OR VISIT: Mayor's initiative



Grade 7 Overnight Trip

Washington D.C 

June 7 - 8

$260 per person

Download information and forms here:  DC-grade7.pdf 

Message from Chancellor Fariña

Dear Students and Families,


The New York City Department of Education (doe) and the mayor's Office are committed to protecting the right of every student in New York City to attend public school, regardless of immigration status. The United States Supreme Court has also recognized the importance of public education for all students, including undocumented students. Your child is our top priority, and we will do everything in our power to protect that right and ensure all students get a quality education.  

We take pride in our diversity. Immigrant parents, students, principals, teachers and other staff are a part of what makes our schools, and New York City, the amazing, strong, vibrant places they are. Whether you or your family arrived 100 years or 100 days ago - you are  New Yorkers - and we stand with you. 

Download the complete notice here: 


ChancellorLetteronImmigrationFinalEnglish.pdf  ChancellorLetteronImmigration13017Final_Spanish.pdf  25610ChancellorLetteronImmigrationFinal_Revised_Arabic.pdf  25610ChancellorLetteronImmigrationFinal_Revised_Bengali.pdf  25610ChancellorLetteronImmigrationFinal_Revised_Chinese.pdf 

MS 51 Run After School Program


   MS 51 Supplemental After School Program begins in October. The program runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.  After school activities include Safe Sitter Babysitting, Cooking, 10R Drama Programs, French Language Enrichment, Spanish Language Enrichment, MS 51 Generals (boys and girls basketball team) Co-ed Wrestling Team,  and more. To register for French language skill building  french workshop letter.docx Cooking registration  Cooking After School.pdf  


LeAP After School Program

Book Drive


Kids Rock for Kids

Benefit show all proceeds go to local & global charities: Chips & AFCECO

Featuring Bands : Are You Kidding Me!?! Technical Difficulties, The Gowanus Grrls & The Rhetorical Question. 

Sunday, March 12 

Shapeshifter lab

18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn 

Show 1 doors open at 12:30pm

Show 2 doors open at 2:30pm

$10 admission